upon hearing

upon hearing is a 20 minute dance work choreographed and directed by hannah m. ayasse. it is the culmination of a year of listening to stories of strangers and friends and reflecting upon the experience and role of a listener. it is a meditation on identity, empathy, poetry, and movement. information on the choreographic process and […]

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Marin Leggat Roper, MFA, CLMA dance artist & educator “Thank you for reminding us that empathy can be physical, that it is in our cells.” Mary Buckley, Associate Professor, Dance Director, International Arts & Culture Women’s Leadership Program The George Washington University “I was blown away by your dance thesis showing tonight; it is sophisticated, […]

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who’s who

Choreographer: Hannah Ayasse Stage Manager: Kendall Coniaris Assistant Stage Manager: Linda Ryan Lighting Design/Master Electrician: Kaiylah Watts Sound Design: Hannah Ayasse, Danny Debner Costume Design: Judy Hansen, Grace Mitchell Sound Technician: Alexandria Taliaferro House Crew: Madelyn Ashworth Music: City of the Sun, Evenings, Made In Heights, Pascaal, SoundFORMovement, STWO Dancers: Emily Ariz, Hannah Ayasse, Melanie Eccles, […]

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along with the GW Dance Festival program, all audience members who attended upon hearing received a booklet with the poems in the order that they were performed. here are all of the poems formatted for printing: thesis poem booklet here is the original prompt that poets from the GW Spoken Word Collective responded to in order […]

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promotional materials

photos email notice   upon hearing an honors thesis in dance movement choreographed and poetry curated by hannah ayasse the final event in the Department of Theatre & Dance GW Dance Festival 2016 when: friday april 22 // 7:00p (doors open 6:30p) saturday april 23 // 1:00p (doors open 12:30p) each performance will last 20 […]

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rehearsal eighteen

we used the second to last (!!) rehearsal to shoot photos for promotional materials and work more deeply on anya’s poem and the positive duets. here is anya’s poem. here are the positive duets.  

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rehearsal seventeen

we truly have a complete piece and i feel wonderful about it. we now have time to work on performance quality, timing, staging, and relationships between dancers. here it is as of april 4th. 18 days until open!

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